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Welcome to velo2bike®

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The world of bikes and cycling is full of jargon and has a vocabulary specific to cycling whether that be training, racing, sportives, audaxes, MTB's, BMX's or leisure cycling.

Vélo2Bike is a specialist (and passionate cyclist) translator/interpreter in the cycling universe, whether it be the translation into perfect french of your brochures, price lists or web sites or for the liaison with race or sportive organisers. 

Professional translator, member of SFT (the French equivalent of the UK's ITI), translation is my JOB, cycling is my PASSION

velo2bike® for who ? Why communicate in french ?

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Though the recent British, Irish and Australian successes in the Tour de France, "les classiques", the olympics and paralympics have increased public awareness of cycling, it is the additional benefits for the environment and for personal health that have taken the benefits of cycling to a far wider population. 

In France, cycling is an institution and forms an essential part of the culture and make-up of this bike-friendly country, appreciated by cyclists the world over for its challenging cols and more bike-aware other road users. 

As a result of France's influence on cycling many terms and expressions have, at least, a french influence and in many cases have retained the word in french (e.g. dérailleur).           

With the increasing influence of frame, parts and accessories manufacture outside France, plus of course "le Grand Départ" 2014 in Yorkshire, the French are looking more and more outside their country. 

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