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David WILSON, translator and interpreter to the courts, has been translating EN/FR/EN since 1997. He is a member of the  Syndicat National des Traducteurs Professionnels (SFT), (the equivalent of the UK's Institute of Translators & Interpreters), and as such signatory of their professional Code of Conduct. 


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You want to interview a french cyclist or the organisers of a race but your french is not up to the mark or generalist interpreters fail to give you the full "low-down" as they do not understand the jargon and vocabulary specific to bike racing. 

Small anecdote

He would have done well to use us !

When French Television's Gérard Holz interviewed the Manx Missile prior to the TdF in 2012 he specifically asked him about the Tour of Romandy "two-fingers" incident. Mark Cavendish replied with the oft-quoted, "get-me-out-of-here" response in referring to the english archers at Agincourt, whether Gérard Holz really understood the significance or not of Mark's gesture is debatable, but one thing is certain the cycling fan watching French Television certainly didn't !