The risk of using on-line translation tools

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No confidentiality

Proceed with caution
Do you know what really happens behind the simple interface of these "on-line" services ? Do you know that your text remains in the software's memory ? And that anybody, by chance or purposely, in accessing the same interface, can consult and use "your" information ?
Therefore careful and scrupulous use of these "on-line" services is recommended, especially if you wish to translate confidential information (new projects, new techniques to be patented, ...).

The professional translator alone, can guarantee the quality and reliability of their translation. The professional translator, member of a professional body, (Syndicat de traducteurs professionnel (SFT) - equiv. to the UK's ITI) abides by a strict Code of Professional Conduct. 

As such, the translator guarantees confidentiality, maintains a professional dicretion and respects the intellectual property rights of their clients.


Proceed with caution

Using "on-line" translation tools, admittedly fast as you only need to paste your text and hit the "translate" button.  But can you be sure of the quality and the accuracy of their results ?

A literal translation

word-for-word (w4w) frequently gibberish

Despite their advantages of simplicity and cost (frequently free of charge), "on-line" translation tools hide a multitude of potential problems : 
Firstly, how can you guarantee the quality and reliability of the results ? You can't - unless that is you speak perfect french ! 
(Taken completely out-of-context, the w4w ("word for word") translation provides the most commonly-used result.)
Also, your text, scruplously typed or pasted into the original text box remains in the translation tool's memory ! Not a very secure way of protecting your company or product secrets ! 
Finally, you are passionate about bikes, a translation tool would not "understand" and therefore fail to translate that passion into another language understood by someone of another tongue.
You will have certainly seen results of an "automated" translation and you would have found them odd to say the least. Unthinkable then to think that the description of one of your products could suffer the same treatment and you wouldn't know the negative impact that this would have as you are not fluent in the target language !     



make the right choice !

Despite an immediate availability due to the robotisation of a translation, "on-line" translation tools do not offer any advantages. Worse than that, by the complete absence of understanding and sensitivity, they will lead to errors whatever your communication needs, as well as in both technical and cultural matters.

Only the services of a professional translator, who shares your passion, can provide you the quality translation your company and your products merit. 

As such, the translator guarantees the confidentiality,  the  company and product  secrets, plus the intellectual property of their clients.